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How to install OpenCart on your hosting

OpenCart is among the most popular CMS. In order to set it to hosting, you must observe the algorithm that we will discuss below.

The preparatory phase

In order to setup OpenCart without any problems, you need to get ready in advance. Namely:
1. Load the newest edition of OpenCart. To do this, simply go to the official website at There, in the table, choose the latest version and click on the respective link, then the downloading begins. Download only in zip format.
2. Ensure to pay for the hosting and the domain name on the website.
3. Verify that provided hosting service matches to the conditions of the distribution.
4. Establish database on the server. To do this, open the cPanel and go to the tab of database creation. In the opened window you’ll need to register the name of the database and think about a secure user’s password. Do not forget to confirm all the rights of access, specify the prefix and the encoding type “UTF-8”.

Being convinced that all above requirements are fulfilled, you can proceed to setup.

How to install OpenCart on your hosting


Upload the OpenCart data to your server. This action can be done in two ways:

1. Firstly there is a variant to use the FTP Manager. For this you need to unzip the files, and with the help of manager transfer them onto the server in the corresponding folder of your website. Please note that the file filling can take a long time.
2. Whether you can load it by means of tool. For this upload archive to the server and unpack it by using a specific function in the cPanel, for instance, “file manager”. This action should make files to move to the main directory.


The developers took care to install OpenCart with a minimum part of your participation. The algorithm is as follows:

1. Open file manager or FTP manager and modify the names of two files: ww/sitename/config-dist.php in config.php and the www/name сайиа/admin/config-dist.php in config.php.
2. Open the convenient browser and in the address bar type a link to your website. You’ll see a window with the beginning of the setup. Be sure to read the license agreement and confirm your acceptance with it. Press to continue.
3. There will appear a window, in which will be checking the compliance of the hosting with OpenCart. If there are any problems, you should contact client’s assistance of the hosting provider. Upon completion of testing, push “Continue”.
4. Specify the required data for the database.
5. Next select in the list appropriate settings:
• string DB driver – select MySQLi;
• string Hostname – write the name of the server;
• string Username – write the user name (which you specified when creating the database);
• string Password – write password;
• string Database — write the name of the created database.
6. Go to the bottom of the window. There write the name and password for the main administrator, enter a valid email address. Push “Continue”.
7. If all data and settings have been made correctly, you will see welcome window.

Before beginning work with online store, be aware that you removed from the directory the setup file, because otherwise it will start again automatically.

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