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Plugins for WordPress

The term plugin means a tiny program, which is aimed to extend additional features and functions of the main program, or in this case, the site in which it is installed.

WordPress is amongst widespread virtual platforms for publishing various types of information. The website has a very good interface and wide range of possibilities.

Using specially adapted WordPress themes the outer shell of the site can be very diverse. Russian themes are constantly improved and adjusted.

You can make a free upload of the template of this site. Its unpacking and setup is so simple that it will not take more than 10 minutes.

Popular plugins for WordPress

In order to improve the operation of the site and provide it with additional functions, you can use some plugins. Note that you need to choose only those that are necessary, don’t overload the structure with all available online programs.

Plugins for WordPress

The list of plugins and the features of setup:

1. Plugin All in One SEO. Activate it by using the input tags in the page body. They will help search engines to recognize the website’s keywords and phrases.
2. Plugin Article Directory. Allows to place on the home page existing rubrics. It’s very simple to work with the program.
3. Plugin Internal Link Building. It will set the linking of pages of the blog in automatic mode. You only need to enter the address of the page and the word for the link.
4. Plugin MaxSite Russian Date. Allows correct displaying the date in Russian (as a rule, without program there appear problems with declination).
5. The Plugin Advanced Category Excluder. Makes possible to conceal some headings, themes or blog pages.
6. The Plugin Video Embedder. Allows to add text information on the page with video files.
7. Plugin Nextgen Gallery. Is the best program for creating, sorting and grouping galleries. It is possible to use a variety of styles.
8. Plugin Akismet. The program helps to expedite processing.
9. The plugin Google XML SiteMap. Create a general site map, which supports MSN Search and YAHOO, Google and
10. Plugin TinyMCE Advanced WordPress. Increases the number of functions used for the visual editor.
11. The Plugin WordPress Database Backup. Due to the program, the user can configure the automatic creation of backups of the database. This is because of backup creation and sending files through email.
12. Plugin Tweet Meme Retweet Button. Specially adapted for microblogs such as Twitter.
13. The Plugin Broken Link Checker. Automatically removes debris and broken links.
14. Plug-in HP Printer. The program performs the correction of incorrect formatting, works with signs.

Without installing plugins blogging is hard enough. And its look is unlikely to attract new visitors or make the old stay on the page more than a few seconds.

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