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Archiving with the plugin WordPress Database Backup

Most often, the user will not wonder: “what to do if the blog will have troubles?”, therefore, the start to work with backups after an unpleasant situation has happen with them. But experts still stand the meaning that a backup should be created from the first day, because this procedure is simple and there is a mass of useful benefits.

Setup the plugin

WordPress Database Backup –is a great modern plugin that gives you the possibility to do backups in automatic mood.

In order to get it working, first upload it from the site (English source) or (Russian source). Or you can do this by using the official website of the developers

Archiving with the plugin WordPress Database Backup

Next, proceed to its immediate setting. This can be done in two ways:

1. Unzip the plugin. Then directly move it to the folder with plugins.
2. Set the program through the admin panel of the blog. Just go to the tab “Plugins”, then “Add new”. There choose the tab “Download”, push “Install” and then “Activate”.

Then proceed to the toolbar. There select the fourth line, called “database activation “. In an emerged window with the tables mention just those that we need.

Go to the “Backup setting”. There you can immediately make a backup. You should only choose where to save it:

• on the server.
• on a computer;
• send a letter to the mailbox.

Just below is a window “Scheduled backup”. There you can choose the timing of archiving (every hour, twice a day, every day, once a week). Select the appropriate option and check the correctness of the indicated email address.

How the program works

If you, for example, put a tick next to “copy every day”, then the program automatically will make backups and send them to specified e-mail.

Thus, experts recommend periodically monitor backups, select the last weekly ones, and those made last month, and move them together with the backup data on two disks. Thus, you fully protect yourself from accidental data loss and other network troubles.


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