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Bandwidth and Disk Space: amount recommendations

If to speak about bandwidth we should note that this is the measure equal to visitor number on the web site. Almost all sites work using monthly approximately 5 GB of bandwidth. And such traffic number is appropriate for those network pages that use lot of traffic. Among them are the pages for adults or such search services like Yahoo or Google.

Does Bandwidth have no Limit?

Taking into consideration upper information it becomes clear that there is no bandwidth without limit. Each Web Hosting Provider knows that traffic has its price making offering of non-stop traffic unreal. If you hear about endless traffic then it’s meant that the measure is too far and common user hardly can reach it. So don’t be surprised by providers that offer larger traffic, it’s not the sign of quality. If you realize that your future site surely will demand plenty of bandwidth then basic amount is enough.

Bandwidth and Disk Space: amount recommendations

What about Disk Space?

If to speak about Disk space then take into consideration the information located on your future web site. If there is one page that takes around 50 KB then it’s enough to have 150 MB. Actually in such way work lots of different web sites. Normally the amount of 5 GB will be enough for small business web pages and for individual sites. But also there are Web Hosting providers that can offer disk space without limitation.

For the site that will include lots of material there should be 50GB. This is in case when there is a lot of graphic and media files, photos and advertisements on the site or if there is some soft for download.

Everything is very clear the more content your web site has the more disc space and traffic is needed. But be calm and think thoroughly about real amount of bandwidth and disc space in order not to overpay.

In future there will be special calculator that will help in estimation of traffic needs. And for now you can contact eHost. This provider is usually recommended for such needs.


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