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Categories in WordPress

WordPress is such a system that allows users to establish the rubrics in which can be written thematic texts and notes. It relieves the work and the usage of blog, because all the information is always sorted.

Visitors of page prefer to use such blogs. That is because to find the category and therefore to read all information is very easy.

That’s why before you will launch a blog, think carefully about the titles of future categories and work on their direct placement in WordPress.

Create a rubric

Open the WordPress admin panel, enter the “Recording” section, and there find “Categories”. Open it. In appeared window it is necessary to register the selected name for your heading.

Go over to the line “Icon”. Here enter the same name but in Latin letters for the URL. If you specify in the line Latin phrase that reflects the essence of the rubric, it will be considered by a search program.

Categories in WordPress

Please note that in WordPress you can create subsidiary categories. For making this, while creating the category, you should indicate that it’s parental. Now you can put in it appropriate thematic sub-sections by means of dragging the left button of mouse.

In “Description” line you can denote general features of this or that topic. However, this field is often leaved blank. After completion of information entering, press the button “Add rubric”. It appears in the right corner of the panel.

Make changes

If you have a need to make any adjustments in the created category, it can be done in a few clicks. Just direct the mouse cursor on the title of column. Below you will see the menu bar that has three options:

• change;
• remove;
• properties.

Select necessary option and make edits.

Please notice that the category will be displayed on the blog site if it has at least one note. For easy template usage, WordPress sorts the column alphabetically by default.


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