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DataLife Engine DLE template setup

Engine DataLife DLE is one of the best ways to create, design and promote websites. The template will work correctly if it’s set in the right way. Let’s overview this procedure in detail.

Upload and unpack

The first step we should do is to upload the DataLife Engine DLE version 9.5. It is advisable to choose the licensed version.

Open the archive and check its contents. There are some basic folders:

1. Documentation. The folder contains only informational files as well as manuals and set instructions.
2. Upload. The folder contains all necessary files for the system work.
3. Developer. Content works to speed up page loading of generated website.

Begin to unzip the folder with the engine. At the end of the process you’ll need to move the folder itself and all the contents of the upload folder in ZIP format by means of FTP manager to the main directory of the site.

DataLife Engine DLE template setup

Installation steps

After uploading the files to your server, open a browser and type in the address bar the link to go to the engine

You’ll see the standard window for installation. Choose there the button “Start installation”, do not forget to tick the consent with the license agreement.

Please note that in the represented list elements should be green. Red color is the first sign of mismatch of the template DataLife Engine DLE with your hosting. To help in the solution of the problem can only hosting service.

Next, proceed to the settings of access rights. In the folder of Documentation find a file readme.chm. Open it and review all the required folders and files and where it’s needed put access code “777”. Ensuring in the rightness of exposed accesses, push to continue.

Conclusion stage

The final and the most important stage of DataLife Engine DLE setting is entering required data into the table. Namely:

1. Site address — http://www.site_name EN/.
2. In line with the database server (MySQL) is written the word “localhost”. Don’t change it. Enter only the database name and username (the username that was noted before database establishment).
3. In the line “Password” enter the appropriate combination.
4. In the “Prefix” is specified “dle”. Don’t touch.
5. In line with the encoding of the database should be a combination of “cp1251”.
6. In the name of administrator enter required login.
7. Next, think over a password to log in to the admin panel. And with the next line, repeat it to confirm.
8. Enter the actual address of the mailbox.
9. Include CNC service.

To check the settings in your browser’s address bar enter the link You’ll see the welcome screen, if everything was set up rightly.

Please note that after you set DataLife Engine DLE in a minute remove the file called install.php from the directory. If not, re-installation may start automatically.

As you can see, to setup the engine for creating your own unique web projects is quickly and easily. The main thing is to be attentive and strictly follow the algorithm.


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