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How to Create a Database

Lots of modern hosting companies give their consumers an opportunity to originate databases in automatic mode. Nevertheless, manual installation is in any way more preferable, as you can control each step and all installed settings independently.

How can database be produced?

Nowadays we can distinguish three main ways of database making. Database is produced with the help of:

– adapted application phpAdmin;
– control panel DirectAdmin;
– cPanel.

Among them last two methods are considered to be the most appropriate as they are very popular and make no troubles while cooperation. Let’s overview them.

How to Create a Database

Creation by means of Direct Admin panel

Enter the hosting control panel. Then choose the line named “MySQL Databases Management”. After performing the mentioned action you’ll see the window where you can generate a database and choose necessary settings. There find the line “Create new database” and make a click.

Having fulfilled such operation will appear the window where it’s needed to fill the lines. Finish this step by confirming information. That’s all. Now you are the owner of database.

But don’t forget to write somewhere datum you’ve noted in the lines. Mentioned information can be needed for templates or engines that in future you can attach to database.

Such data is:

– database user’s name;
– database’s name;
– user’s password.

Database establishing by means of cPanel

For establishment of database by means of cPanel you need to open “Databases” window. There will appear “MySQL Databases” line. After clicking on it you’ll see a window where you’ll input the database’s name and register it. But think thoroughly about this as here you can put the name not more than six signs long.

Then enter all necessary data for the new consumer and save it. Next you’ll see a window where you can associate fresh user’s data with previously established database.

Through the most widespread mistakes which are often made here is a wrong character set while creation. It should always be UTF-8. Otherwise, blog will not work.

Making conclusion it becomes clear that independent creation of database is not hard as it may seem at the first sight.


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