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The plan of installing MODX

Before the moment of setting please check the requirements of MODX and hosting.

The first step

Load the necessary distribution files from the official website. This can be done from the network Then register the name of domain and establish a database.

To establish it you’ll need to select the wizard database setup in the opened control panel. Use MySQL for MODX. Inscribe the name and password, input the encode UTF8, and verify the access to all functions for the user.

Upload the files on hosting server in zip format. This can be done by means of FTP Manager, but that will take more time. When the archive appears on the server, unzip it to a directory by file manager on the setting panel. All unzipped files from the MODX folder replace to the server’s main directory.

The plan of installing MODXStart setup

Open the browser and in location bar enter If everything was unpacked in right way, then you’ll see the set window. Choose the language of operation interface and press “Next”.

Now there arises the window with options:

– Choose “New installation”;
– Correct access rights;
– Press “Next”.

Then there will emerge a window where it’s needed to input all datum about the database. Namely:

– indicate the type of MySQL;
– server attaching to the database;
– write the user’s name and password;
– leave the line with the prefix unchangeable.

Inspect all data thoroughly and choose “check server connection”. In case when during installation of MODX there were any errors they will be listed in emerged window.

If everything is ok you’ll see the window. There you’ll need to select encoding for the database and its mapping. You can leave everything without changes but in case you need to input other info then be sure that it matches the selected charset. Then press “Create and test a sample from a database”.

Register account

In opened window write all important data, namely:

– name – it should be original and reliable;
– password – choose a complex combination;
– e-mail – should be actual and acting.

This info is needed to be able to access the administration panel on the website.

Additional settings

Then there will arise other windows to recheck all new settings and data. This is the last stage of diagnostics before the setup.


When everything is checked, the system will begin the setup. After its completion you’ll receive a report about it. Then you’ll see the window with button “Next”. Press on it.
To test the operability of MODX just open the control panel and click “Enter”. Input the needed data and start working on the site.


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